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lethal gas
  • dödlig gas

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She wanted to know if she could make enough of a particular lethal gas to use in her bathroom.
The leakage potential of this lethal gas is undoubtedly orders of magnitude larger than the solid ceramic of nuclear fuel waste and it is extremely dangerous.
Firemen had to wear airtight suits to remove them from the vehicle, which was filled with lethal gas.
Of those executions, 30 were lethal injection, 10 were electrocution and two were from asphyxiation after exposure to lethal gas.
Okene had so much nitrogen in his body that the doctors had to slowly reduce the pressure to avoid the creation of lethal gas bubbles in his body.
The test reassures most homeowners that their homes are not exposed to the potentially lethal gas.
Worse, it can be turned into a lethal gas and inhaled.
However, this lethal gas has been shown to have remarkable life-saving properties for foetuses.

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lethal adjektiv
gas substantiv
to gas verb
liquefied natural gas substantiv
liquefied petroleum gas substantiv
tear gas substantiv
carbonic acid gas substantiv
flue gas substantiv
ideal gas substantiv
inert gas substantiv
natural gas substantiv
nerve gas substantiv