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less gloomy
  • mindre dyster

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

Here are five places you could check today for extra cash and points to make this winter a little less gloomy.
The happier scene can be seen in front of the monkey cages, their mischief and loitering in and around makes the visitors a little less gloomy.
If the future is bleak, the present is no less gloomy.
The money situation is starting to look less gloomy, but more about that later.
Could some planning and a national conversation make it less gloomy?
Look more closely at history and you'll see that the truth is much more complicated and less gloomy.
Over the past year, however, my frustrating financial present has distracted me from thinking about my financial future, which appears to be slightly less gloomy.

Användningsexempel för "less gloomy" på svenska

EnglishI hope that they are a little less gloomy, but industry is in any case facing a few changes.
Jag hoppas att de är något mindre dystra, men i alla hänseenden genomgår industrin en del förändringar.
EnglishThis Green representative sounds all in all less gloomy and less alarming than his colleague within our own EP ranks.
Denne miljöpartist låter både mindre svårmodig och mindre alarmerande än hans partikamrat i våra egna led här i parlamentet.
EnglishStudies and scientists that approach the subject of climate change with less gloomy scenarios or perhaps even positively, have simply been ignored.
Studier och vetenskapsmän som närmar sig ämnet klimatförändringar med mindre dystra scenarier eller kanske till och med ser positivt på frågan har helt ignorerats.

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