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less generous
  • mindre generös
  • mindre generösa

Användningsexempel för "less generous" på engelska

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The government is likely to be less generous than in previous years.
The likelihood is that this pension will be less generous than might have been expected when members were paying in.
However, if it is the taxpayer's dependant, other than a spouse or a child, who has the disability, the tax relief is less generous.
This is less generous, but remember it is 1/80th of their final salary, rather than 1/60th of "average earnings".
Private-sector workers contribute around 8% but the terms are far less generous than public sector schemes.
When people see themselves as self-made, they tend to be less generous and public-spirited.
But the program was designed so that as more solar panels were installed across the state, the rebate money would be a little less generous.
Fernandez enjoyed the awesome distinction of a billionaire brand, and less generous descriptions painted him as a multi-millionaire.
It's undoubtedly a less generous set-up, but is more affordable for the company.
There are no prizes for guessing that these will have to be more rather than less generous to have a chance.

Användningsexempel för "less generous" på svenska

EnglishWe in Parliament take a less generous approach than you, as you have already heard.
Vi i parlamentet har en mindre generös inställning än ni, som ni redan har hört.
EnglishSchengen could also lead to a less generous refugee and asylum policy.
Schengen kan komma att medföra en mindre generös flykting- och asylpolitik.
EnglishDo you agree to fight hard to oppose this position taken by the less generous Member States?
Går ni med på att kämpa hårt mot denna ståndpunkt som de mindre generösa medlemsstaterna har intagit?
EnglishGiving money out of other peoples' pockets, those of the taxpayer, is both less generous and less honest.
Att skänka pengar ur andras fickor - skattebetalarnas fickor - är både mindre generöst och mindre ärligt.
EnglishDo you agree to fight hard to oppose this position taken by the less generous Member States?
Och om dessa nedskärningar ändå genomförs, kommer ni ändå att arbeta för kravet på att finansieringen skall fördubblas?
English3.The compensation arrangements presented by Eurostar seem to be less generous in practice than on paper.
3.De skadeersättningar som Eurostar har föreslagit ser betydligt mindre positiva ut i praktiken än på papperet.
EnglishIt must reluctantly be said that the Irish have been less than generous in their acceptance of the population movements affecting them.
Det måste sägas att irländarna inte alls har varit generösa med att acceptera de befolkningsrörelser som berör dem.
EnglishWe also fear and are very concerned that Schengen could lead to a less generous and humane policy on refugees and asylum.
Vi fruktar också och är mycket oroade över att Schengen kan komma att medföra en mindre generös och human flykting- och asylpolitik.
EnglishI am aware of the problem and realise that it requires resolution, but this cannot be brought about by a less generous asylum and refugee policy.
Jag ser problemet och anser att det skall lösas, men det löser man inte via en mindre generös asyl- och flyktingpolitik.
EnglishThe Council seems to have taken an interest in this, and it may be wise to be a little less generous next time than we were this year.
Rådet verkar vara intresserat av detta, och det förefaller kanske vara förnuftigt att vara lite mindre generös härvidlag än vi varit i år.
EnglishA larger wage range, more wage flexibility, less generous benefits make very little difference to employment levels, Mrs Carlsson, and certainly make no difference to unemployment.
En större lönespridning, mer löneflexibilitet, mindre generösa bidrag har knappast något inflytande på sysselsättningsnivån, kollega Carlsson, och absolut inte på arbetslösheten.

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