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legislative gridlock
  • lagstiftande gridlock
  • trafikkaos för lagstiftning

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The political polarisation resulting from this misalignment between local and national needs is a contributing factor to increased legislative gridlock.
But more than this, he will need to figure out how he is going to avoid legislative gridlock.
In any event, they may go nowhere, given recent legislative gridlock.
Facing almost daily protests and legislative gridlock, the government decided to use a special measure to push the bill through without a vote in the lower house of parliament.
The country is currently two weeks into sequestration, which was the policy of across-the-board spending cuts triggered due to legislative gridlock.
Opponents of council districts said that the election system will further divide the city and cause legislative gridlock, with council members warring for distribution of city resources.
But the law remains stalled in legislative gridlock.
There has virtually been legislative gridlock.

Användningsexempel för "legislative gridlock" på svenska

EnglishWe must improve the legislative function, resolve the gridlock on decision-making and the excessive complexity of the laws, and clarify roles.
Vi måste förbättra lagstiftningens fungerande, lösa upp knutarna i beslutsprocessen och lagstiftningens överdrivna komplexitet, och klargöra rollerna.

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