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leftist guerrillas
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Since then, there has been no news on the fate of the hostage -- or hostages, according to some sources -- still being held by the leftist guerrillas.
William's biggest fear now is that his children will end up as he did - because the paramilitary are still out there, as are the leftist guerrillas.
Not to be outdone, leftist guerrillas too joined the fray and became major drug traffickers on their own.
At one point, the leftist guerrillas controlled nearly half the country.
Leftist guerrillas looking for a piece of the action.
Since then, the impoverished young republic has struggled to move on from a decade-long civil war between the leftist guerrillas and the state that ended in 2006.
The country has been plagued for half a century by an armed conflict marked by a high degree of cruelty, involving leftist guerrillas, right-wing paramilitaries, criminal gangs and military forces.
The leftist guerrillas have not announced a name for their future political party.
They were labelled leftist guerrillas, which put them at risk of retaliation by rightwing paramilitary militias that had a strong and growing presence in the area.
It also sent police and soldiers against leftist guerrillas, a crackdown that quickly broadened to include relatives, labor organizers, politicians, clergy, students, journalists, artists and intellectuals.

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