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leather goods
  • lädervaror

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The bilateral cooperation includes auto component industry, machine tools industry, leather and leather goods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, fruit and food processing and textiles, among others.
The negative impact came primarily from "general dealers" (-2.8% y/y, -1.2pps) and "retailers in textiles, clothing, footwear and leather goods" (-5.3% y/y, -1.0pps).
The same could also be the case with products such as leather and leather goods, footwear, frozen food, jute products etc.
This is followed by clothing and leather goods, where 38.90% and 37.20%, respectively, of those in circulation are fake.
Suits, sportswear, denim, leather goods, accessories and footwear are spread across two levels.
The exhibition will also display metal bells, leather goods, pottery, lacquer, block printing, tie-dyeing, pottery, and silverware.
The biggest share of this market is taken up by cosmetics, followed by leather goods, watches and jewelry.
Changing fashion trends and increasing the consumer awareness level about many luxury products further boost the demand of leather goods in the market.
Due to presence of organized and un- organized players, the luggage and leather goods market is highly competitive.
Productivity in the sector has increased remarkably in clothing, footwear and leather segments, and is well under way in leather goods and textiles segments.

Användningsexempel för "leather goods" på svenska

EnglishThe products that Pakistan may export are ethanol, textiles and leather goods.
De produkter som Pakistan kan komma att exportera är etanol, textilier och läderprodukter.
EnglishThe movement of endangered species of animals or plants, or products derived from them such as leather goods or medicines, is strictly controlled.
Det är förbjudet att föra utrotningshotade djur eller växter över gränsen utan särskilt tillstånd.
EnglishRussia imposed tariffs on cars, China restricted food imports, India banned imports of toys and Argentina introduced import licences for textiles and leather goods.
Ryssland satsade på tullar på bilar, Kina på begränsningar av livsmedelsimport, Indien på importförbud av leksaker och Argentina på licenser för import av textil- och lädervaror.

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leather substantiv
goods substantiv
manufactured goods substantiv
nondurable goods substantiv
capital goods substantiv
durable goods substantiv
convenience goods substantiv
trade in goods substantiv
branded goods substantiv
canned goods substantiv
carriage of goods substantiv
leather jacket substantiv