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leaded gasoline
  • blyad bensin

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Cities are full of lead paint in low-income housing, lead embedded in the very soil from the days of leaded gasoline.
Crime rates fall steeply 18 years after the removal of leaded gasoline - wherever and whenever that happened.
It will be revolutionary, similar to when we decided to get rid of leaded gasoline.
Back in the day of leaded gasoline and mechanical ignition timing, the occasional blast would clean things up.
They remember the days of leaded gasoline and dangerous carcinogens such as benzene, which followed lead as the preferred octane enhancer by the gasoline companies.
Cars use leaded gasoline, and residents sometimes burn plastic tires to stay warm.
When you use leaded gasoline, the exhaust turns out to be totally invisible.
I grew up next to two freeways during leaded gasoline days.
Finally, he realized the source: the lead was coming from the air itself -- put there by decades of cars burning leaded gasoline.
The company also has said decades of deposits from leaded gasoline contributed to the problem.

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gasoline substantiv
leaded adjektiv
to run out of gasoline verb