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layer of grime
  • lager av smuts

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Everything in this village looked disgusting -- like there was a thin layer of grime that crusted over every surface.
The patina is a thin layer of grime that can attest to the age of engravings.
Accumulating for months, it's covered in a layer of grime.
There's a thin layer of grime over everything that's certainly realistic but also keeps the production values from rising out of the muck at the same time.
Imagine that the floor of this world we live in is made of glass with a layer of grime over it.
A layer of grime collected over the centuries has now been cleaned off, revealing dazzling mosaics from the 12th century.
Around the world, everything is being coated with a thin layer of grime from pollution in our skies.
According to the restorers, the fresco is covered by a thick layer of grime.
It just isn't the sticky layer of grime and plant life that so often coats active little people by day's end.

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grime substantiv
layer substantiv
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