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layer of gravel
  • lager av grus

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For, they have been denied blacktopping; with a layer of gravel, these stretches are hardly conducive for comfortable motoring.
The ground condition encountered in those pits was similar to the earlier ones, confirming the building could be constructed on just a layer of gravel.
The system is able to handle frost, but, if a snowplough is used, make sure the top layer of gravel isn't scraped off.
Inside, the plants sit in a layer of gravel as the temperature, moisture, humidity, airflow and nutrient-mix around them is all carefully monitored and controlled.
Send an intrepid digger down there with a shovel to dig out the silt and debris, then put a layer of gravel at the bottom of the well.
I understand that the sealing membrane had to be kept damp to keep it waterproof, and was covered with a hefty layer of gravel to keep it in place.
Protect tender rock garden plants with a layer of gravel or grit to ensure swift drainage of water away from the leaves.
Left behind was a layer of gravel where the rock had been.
It should measure at least 10 inches high and its bottom should be lined with a good layer of gravel for drainage.

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gravel substantiv
layer substantiv
of preposition