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lack of guidance
  • brist på vägledning

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The vast majority of college students aren't completing their degrees on time, largely due to a lack of guidance and too many choices.
There was also a lack of guidance and support for teachers, the committee found.
However, with a lack of guidance from parents and family members, they are instead turning to popular culture to get it.
This is a good thing, but it is being hampered by a lack of guidance from central government.
There's a lack of guidance in this area, especially at these borders of viability.
Each of these propositions are controversial and, due to the lack of guidance in the decision, creates a high degree of uncertainty in their application.
Some other reasons cited include lack of guidance and awareness, pressures of caring for younger siblings and earning a livelihood for the family.
The fact that serious gaps remain in the area is not for lack of guidance and tools on relevant gender-based approaches and best practices.
Holness argued that sometimes these children, because of the lack of guidance, grow up feeling unwanted and this fuel their anti-social behaviour.
Many first generation learners in remote villages drop out of school every year because of lack of guidance and extra coaching.

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lack substantiv
guidance substantiv
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