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aspect of globalization
  • aspekt av globaliseringen

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Every aspect of globalization -- free trade, free movement of capital, and international migration -- is under attack.
Until now, cheap energy -- meaning cheap oil -- has underwritten every aspect of globalization.
Street art is a critical commentary on aspects of globalization and gentrification.
Some unintentional aspects of globalization do far more damage than the immediate effects of selfish, profit-seeking actions.
Their united fight reveals that not only the political and economic aspects of globalization, but also its intellectual repression must be resisted.
Dual citizenship is now a common aspect of globalization, but it was once the bane of nations.
Given the absence of an alternative convergence magnet, greater pressures in the new normal may suspend, or even reverse, some aspects of globalization.
We have less research on these aspects of globalization opinion.
That sort of sudden, unpredictable, individual aspect of globalization has made everybody very anxious, frustrated, and afraid.
It captures, rather descriptively, aspects of globalization such as trade, services, finance and the new trading regime which has emerged.

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globalization substantiv
aspect substantiv
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