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arrival gate
  • ankomsthallen
  • ankomstgrind

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Block hours refer to the moment a commercial aircraft leaves the departure gate until it lands and reaches the arrival gate, or till its engines are working.
I retrieved my luggage from the carousel and walked to the waiting bus parked directly at the entrance of the arrival gate.
Plans are afoot to come up with proper food outlets at the airport and one is being constructed near the arrival gate.
Then they dropped us outside the arrival gate.
Wouldn't be too hard - stand at the arrival gate, weigh the off-going cabin baggage, hand the airline a penalty.
And that is very evident at the arrivals gate.
But social elements are also built into the experience, meaning it's easy to share details with a friend, say, who's waiting for you at the arrivals gate.
Car-hire desk steps from the arrivals gate, and car itself practically outside the door.
The colo facility can be likened to premium airport parking lot, which is closer to the arrivals gate.
They stand for a few more minutes by us before getting restless and moving back over to the arrivals gate.

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arrival substantiv
gate substantiv
town gate substantiv
arrival date substantiv
to gate verb
city gate substantiv
arrival control substantiv