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arched gateway
  • välvd gateway

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We enter through an arched gateway and walk past a parked land cruiser.
With an arched gateway and a tree in the foreground, it looks straight out of a cartoon.
Kotla's embellished arched gateway is still standing and leads to a heavily populated area.
An arched gateway leading to the market dates back to 1852.
Till a decade ago at least, there were many to be found on the road leading to the arched gateway where there were once wholesale stores selling grain.
The gardens are professionally designed and landscaped and feature a large patio area with a low brick wall and arched gateway leading to the lawns beyond.
This leads to the main arched gateway which is deeply recessed into the rampart and lies midway between the two bastions.
Stepping out of the city through an arched gateway to the south, we discovered a wide field abutting the marshland.
They can be seen as we enter through the multi-foliated arched gateway and move into the central courtyard.

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arched adjektiv
gateway substantiv
arched bridge substantiv
arched door substantiv