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and accountable governance
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Achieving them will require building capacity for effective, democratic, and accountable governance, protection of human rights, and respect for the rule of law.
But the opposition speaks of clean and accountable governance, yet they are party to this decision.
It could promote more transparent and accountable governance, as leadership is brought closer to the people.
It is committed to transparent and accountable governance.
It, among others, seeks to ensure infrastructural and human settlement development, productivity and employment, natural resource management, as well as transparent, responsive and accountable governance.
The policy is generally based on the objective of advancing democracy, open and accountable governance, the promotion of human rights and the rule of law.
The thematic areas he said are: putting people first, strong and resilient economy, responding to social infrastructure and improving transparent and accountable governance.
There is a collective responsibility to revitalize the education sector as an important public good and a necessary dimension of democratic and accountable governance.
These are done with the progressive view of decentralizing development and accountable governance.
What explains our contemporary paradox of voice without good and accountable governance?

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EnglishI accept the need to reform the Treaties and to create more open, democratic, efficient and accountable governance.
Jag accepterar att fördragen måste reformeras för att skapa ett öppnare, mer demokratiskt, effektivare och ansvarigt styre.

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