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airport gates
  • flygplats grindar

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He personally shut down the entire airport by locking the airport gates and directing that all lights at the terminal be switched off.
The buses drive through the airport gates and straight on to the tarmac.
We follow as the buses drive through the airport gates and straight on to the tarmac.
The protestors gave an hour long sit-in in front of airport which led to the closure of all the airport gates.
Using data from airlines and the airport gates, can we determine peak flow to and from the airport?
From the women's locker room to the baseball stands, from grocery lines to airport gates...
The airline also is updating announcements for passengers checking baggage, before clearing security, at airport gates and on board planes about the ban, he said.
They achieved complete access to airport gates and their security control systems, potentially allowing them to spoof gate credentials.
Once it returns to color and present-day concerns, however, the film lapses back into slick travelogue mode, reimagining airport gates as portals to the world.

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