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advance guard
  • förskott vakt
  • för-avvakta

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Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. bab.la är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.

Barnyard is the advance guard of the softening up process.
The final subset of boomers, he claims, were the punks, while the goths, who came next, were the advance guard of those who will inherit a shrivelled and unwelcoming world.
The result is a new class of machines that can operate by themselves in human space, the advance guard of a new robot industry.
An advance guard of migrating birds was loudly staking out territories.
I know of four architects who have bought houses up the valley in recent years, surely an advance guard of early-adopters leading the charge into this overlooked "character neighbourhood".
Beijing is using the country's fisherman as the advance guard to press its expansive territorial claims, experts say.
We had always seen ourselves as a progressive movement and as an advance guard.
They were the advance guard, and in the next few hours they would be joined by other members of the hit squad - co-ordinators, surveillance teams and the executioners themselves.

Användningsexempel för "advance guard" på svenska

EnglishWhen Jacques Chirac speaks of an advance guard and outlines the notion of a two-speed Europe, that in itself is not the end of the world.
När Jacques Chirac talar om ett framskjutet garde och beskriver idén med ett Europa i två hastigheter, så är inte det i sig en katastrof.
EnglishThe suggestion of accelerating the development of foreign and security policy with an advance guard of active Member States deserves support.
Förslaget att snabba på utvecklingen av utrikes- och säkerhetspolitiken med hjälp av en förtrupp av aktiva medlemsstater förtjänar stöd.
EnglishWould it be possible for an advance guard of the new Centre for Disease Prevention and Control to set up a planning team with which the European Parliament can have a dialogue?
Vore det möjligt att ha en förtrupp för det nya centrumet för förebyggande och kontroll som inrättar en planeringsgrupp som Europaparlamentet kan ha en dialog med?

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