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admitting guilt
  • erkänna skuld

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A responsible entity may have admitted guilt and made amends, or at least made amends without admitting guilt.
It happens routinely, too, among far lower-profile cases, that inmates can pass parole's gauntlet without admitting guilt.
Later, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanour spousal battery charge without admitting guilt.
The plea means he did not contest the facts, but was also not admitting guilt.
Wandera says it feels like the school is "tiptoeing" -- and trying to "appease" him while not admitting guilt.
Or it can be implicit, if inmates think their best odds at release depend on admitting guilt.
This won't happen, because he won't be really admitting guilt.
But to accept the deal felt like admitting guilt.
Prisoners are often not able to access courses and support without first admitting guilt, something miscarriage of justice victims can not and will not do.

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admitting verb
guilt substantiv
collective guilt substantiv