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additional greenhouse
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But what the science now tells us is that we will need to go further and see a complete end to the accumulation of additional greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.
The attendant amount of additional greenhouse gases would have consequences on climate change.
No additional greenhouse gas emissions are being added to the electricity grid.
As our planet warms up, organisms and microbes living in the soil will face a rise in their respiration rate and will release additional greenhouse gases the atmosphere.
All things being equal, that means more oil products are burned which produces additional greenhouse gas emissions.
Although it's easy to calculate the impact of additional greenhouse gasses on the temperature, these simple calculations don't capture the potential for feedbacks in the system.
Additional greenhouse gases come from the non-renewable gas, oil and energy used to produce feed and manage the animals.
The thawing of the permafrost wasn't monitored closely until recently, hence the most recent projection models do not factor the additional greenhouse emissions.
Additional warming will also begin to trigger feedbacks (melting permafrost, thawing methane) that will unleash additional greenhouse gases and drive further warming.
There is more heat in the atmosphere because of the additional greenhouse gases that humans have put into the atmosphere.

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