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achieve great things
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But for all the excitement about the technology sector, there are still many start-ups using more traditional methods to achieve great things.
But they want their club to achieve great things too.
His performances during the first half of the 2010 season were flawless, and we hope to achieve great things together in the future.
I trust we'll be able to achieve great things together.
It inspires us and makes us want to achieve great things in life.
Kylie is an inspirational chemist whose drive and passion have led her to achieve great things early in her career.
Luckily, we have an exceptional team in place that continues to achieve great things.
This is how our society will advance and go on to achieve great things.
Trust is paramount in every employment relationship -- without it, it is really difficult to achieve great things.
When you have everyone rowing in the same direction, you are going to achieve great things.

Användningsexempel för "achieve great things" på svenska

EnglishAbove all it must be the 30 million unemployed who hope that this summit will achieve great things.
Framför allt är det väl de 30 miljoner arbetslösa som hoppas på att det skall ske stordåd vid detta möte.
EnglishSocieties which try to make use of the whole nation's resources, based on a policy of equality, achieve great things.
Samhällen, där målet är att utifrån en jämställdhetsbaserad politik få tillgång till hela folkets resurser, uppnår bra resultat.
EnglishThis demonstrates that when the European Union sets itself clear targets and when it sets itself realistic timetables, we can achieve great things in this Europe.
Detta visar att när den europeiska unionen föresätter sig klara mål och sätter upp realistiska tidtabeller så kan vi åstadkomma fantastiska saker här i Europa.

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