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absolute genius
  • absolut geni

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He's just a tremendous, shredding guitarist, an absolute genius.
Whosoever first thought of it was an absolute genius - yes, it is that brilliant!
Willie is an absolute genius; what he has done in recent years is incredible.
He is an absolute genius in life and a genius in coaching swimming.
He seemed nice -- he was an absolute genius in terms of fashion.
That's not to say he wasn't ever serious because he was an absolute genius in the recording studio and when performing.
This is the story of two socially divergent worlds colliding, a crime of self-defence and an absolute genius of a cover-up.
Unless an absolute genius of a writer and director can make even that happen.
He was an absolute genius on a horse and the amount of good he has done for people will never be known.

Användningsexempel för "absolute genius" på svenska

EnglishBut he's an absolute genius when it comes to design.
Han är ett absolut geni när det kommer till design.

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absolute adjektiv
genius substantiv
genius adjektiv
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