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EN rock and roll

1. musik

rock and roll
It is not a case of rock and roll so much as of a slow foxtrot.
Non è tanto rock and roll quanto piuttosto un lento fox-trot.
This is him in his old rock-and-roll jeans there, pushing him in, those turned up jeans.
Eccolo qui, con i jeans in stile rock and roll, mentre lo spingono dentro... i jeans col risvolto.
E mi piace anche il rock and roll.

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rock and roll

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rock substantiv
to rock verb
and konjunktion
roll substantiv
to roll verb

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EnglishThat is what rock-'n'-roll is for me.
EnglishThat is what rock-'n'-roll is for me.
EnglishThe people who said that rock 'n' roll would lead to the decline of moral values actually had a grain of truth to that.
Poi c'é un leggero rialzo negli anni '60, quindi chi diceva che il rock'n'roll ha corrotto i costumi forse qualche ragione ce l'aveva.
English(Video) John Markoff: Do you want to know what the counterculture in drugs, sex, rock 'n' roll and the anti-war movement had to do with computing?
Video: Volete sapere cosa hanno le contro culture in droga, sesso, rock'n roll e movimento contro la guerra hanno a che fare con l'informatica?