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EN to clock up

1. "driver"

to clock up (även: to deal with, to do, to get up to, to make)
to clock up the fastest time in the qualifying session
faire le meilleur temps aux essais

2. "worker"

to clock up (även: to work)

Liknande översättningar för "to clock up" på franska

clock substantiv
to clock verb
to be up to verb
up adjektiv
up adverb
to up verb

Användningsexempel för "to clock up" på franska

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EnglishWe know that lorries and buses have a long life and tend to clock up high mileages.
Nous savons que les poids lourds et les autobus ont une longue durée de vie et parcourent donc des distances importantes.
EnglishAs the clock went up, the liquids went down.
Plus la soirée avançait, plus le liquide coulait.
EnglishI will speed up the clock a bit.
Englishto clock up a lot of mileage