traduction de "se marrer" en anglais

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Coucou ! Comment on peut traduire "se marrer" en anglais ? Je ne trouve rien qui colle vraiment... merci pour l'aide !
ställdes 5 maj, 2008 i Franska av Anonym

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A part "to laugh" comme traduction directe de "rire", je ne sais pas trop... Où sont les experts en argot britannique ou américain ??
besvarad 6 maj, 2008 av Anonym
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Hello, You can say "to have a laugh" or "to be in kinks". The last one is typically British ;) and would fit more the French expression "être mort de rire".
besvarad 8 maj, 2008 av Anonym
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Hi all, Just to warn you, I'm British. Here's a little selection of expressions, roughly in order of how much you're laughing... to be dying of laughter, to find  sidesplitting to be in hysterics to be in stitches to weep with laughter to laugh to have a laugh to be amused to chortle (probably out of use now) to chuckle to giggle to snigger Be careful which one you choose, as they all have little subtleties. But a good dictionary or a search on google might help there. I'm afraid I've never heard of "to be in kinks". Loretta
besvarad 25 jun, 2008 av Anonym
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Ok so I'm american... and we say "to crack up" alot, although i guess originally the meaning is a little stronger tha to just laugh...
besvarad 18 jul, 2008 av Anonym